Tactical Business Writing

Creating and updating the essential artifacts.  “Straight” business copywriting where the majority of the research, the vehicles, and the decisions about solution positioning, tone, and program emphasis have already been made.   The business writer will still need to master the company’s voice and style of talking with its audiences, but extensive research is not usually required.  We think of tactical writing assignments as helping the client execute ideas and strategies he has already worked out.  Ideally, these assignments lead naturally to a phase 2, where the tactics that have worked best are either scaled up for a larger rollout, or processes codified for internal staffs to execute repeatedly against additional audiences. 

  • Sales lettersstratified_funnel-tactical
  • Email campaigns
  • Direct mail packages
  • Advertisements
  • Websites
  • Statement stuffers
  • Landing pages and squeeze pages
  • Sales support resources
  • New customer support resources
  • Training  modules
  • Annual Reports
  • Partner program support portals
  • Customer Service scripts
  • Telemarketing scripts

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