Strategic Business Writing

Although none of these categories is set in stone,  the majority of our strategic writing projects tends to fall into three clumps:

  1. Thought Leadership –  showcasing the company’s unique skills,  intellectual property, bench-strength in specialized understanding, technology, science, processes.  Generally future-oriented and broad-scope.
  2. Case Studies – executed in a variety of ways to showcase the company’s experience creating new forms of value and/or delivering them effectively to customers whose fortunes were improved as a result.  Generally historical and narrow-scope.
  3. Executive Communications — whether speeches, briefing documents, talking points for interviews, coaching, (as well as Annual Reports and Profiles) these writing assignments require a little bit of everything.  Some big-picture, some concrete example, reportage, motivation, disciplined thought and creative curiosity, all tuned to create  a consciously thought-out impression on a specific audience.

Slightly less strategic, though still essential is coordination of the messaging and execution of several related customer pieces that are currently underperforming as stand-alones.  Related to this is our work planning and preparing scoping documents to inform, assign, and equip dispersed teams to build complementary deliverables.  Messaging roadmaps are one example of this.

  • Whitepapersstratified_funnel-strategic
  • Thought leadership editorials
  • Web copy, blog posts
  • eBooks
  • Case studies
  • Performance, strategy, partner  reports
  • Prospectuses
  • Product, department, business unit plans
  • Corporate profiles
  • Annual reports
  • Executive speeches

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