Our goal is to provide distinct services at the major points along the Content Funnel.

  • Tactical Business Writing – Creating and updating the essential artifacts. “Straight” business copywriting where the majority of the research, the vehicles, and the decisions about positioning, tone, and emphasis have already been made.
  • Strategic Business Writing – Enhanced business writing where the program, the product, the service, the audience  are defined, but no decisions have been made as to research, tone, and emphasis of the piece(s).
  • Program Development – Working with company decision-makers to design an integrated program to achieve stated goals and managing creation of the required artifacts to execute a program for a specific product, service, solution, audience, region, or partner.
  • Strategic Planning – Work with company decision-makers to analyze a specific performance area, a specific product, a specific audience and formulate specific goals for improvement, metrics, and required resources.
  • Marketplace Assessment — Competitive assessment of positioning, differentiators,  and supporting marketing messages of company competitors.
  • Facilitation, Training, Speaking —  On-site conduct of team meetings, brainstorming, joint sales calls, partner development, framework preparation, coordination, collaborative online tool implementation, training, motivation, team-building.


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