money2 The overwhelming majority of our clients prefer project-based pricing instead of hourly-rate pricing.  Their reason?  They prefer to purchase value instead of time.

This dovetails nicely with our experience as writers and as business managers.  When we sign onto a project, we sign onto the goal of the program, not just the mechanics of producing the pieces for it.

Still, some projects are exploratory and not yet well defined, requiring research, interviews with contributors, evolving the concept before producing the copy to communicate it persuasively.  For this more open-ended work, we will sometimes charge for hours spent in this essential preparatory work, then quote an overall price for the project once it is fully defined.

With this in mind, our price range for the most common services are at the links below.

Direct Mail


Advertising & Catalogs

Strategy & Naming


Other Publications

Sales Support


  • Project Terms

    • All projects are unique and the more strategic the project, the more terms are spelled out in the proposal. For projects that are primarily writing, the following general terms apply:
      • 1/3 fee paid at beginning
      • 1/3 fee paid at first draft submission
      • 1/3 fee paid at completion
      • 10% discount for full payment at beginning
      • Fee includes 2 revisions within 30 days of initial submission
      • Client agrees to provide sample of execution for inclusion in portfolio
      • Emergency Rush rate adds 25-50% to published rate range
  • Who Are We?

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    • Managing Partner
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