If You Can’t Tell It, You Can’t Sell It*

December 19, 2009

Just what IS your story now?  Anything different from the last time you developed your “essential materials,” (content)?  Customers behaving any differently?   Your points of competitive strength evolved any?  Has the marketplace gotten any simpler?

Even businesses that  operate exactly as they always have are finding that customers don’t buy the way they always audience-seatsdid, and that prospects don’t evaluate the way they always did, and even conversion from prospect to customers has twists it didn’t used to have. 

Because so many alternatives are one click away, and some are so helpful in providing prospects tools to help them evaluate products, services, and essential processes for service delivery/support, expectations continue to rise.

Before prospects eliminate your company because you don’t speak to them as well as some of your competitors, map the emerging expectations in your market,  overlay your Marketing, Sales, and service delivery against them, and focus attention first on where the lines deviate most.  These are leaks in your sales funnel…places where some of the plates stop spinning and fall off your sticks…wasting the expense of moving them so far along. 

Speaking bluntly, the boundaries of the Sales funnel (or however you conceive of the customer acquisition process) are CONTENT.  Those relevant things you can say, provide, point to, connect to, ask about, represent additional touch-points to remind the prospect of your understanding of his needs, willingness to help, and responsiveness. The boundaries used to be direct contact – Sales calls, phone calls, pitch meetings.  But the time to receive such contact has evaporated almost as fast as the resources to provide it.  Yet information to consider when evaluating products and services has not lessened.  How to thoroughly educate the increasingly self-service prospect?  CONTENT. wires

Impactfully organized, persuasively written, intelligently deployed for maximum effectiveness in acquiring/keeping customers.

In this connected, 24/7 business world, nothing is  “just a support issue” or “just a billing dispute,” or “just our standard leave-behind brochure.”  Everything is Marketing …Everything communicates…Everything reflectson the some aspect of the business…even when no one’s looking…someone’s looking.  And they’ve got  global printing press…and there a million places for them to post their impressions if they choose…and it lives forever online, attached to your name.  Drip, drip, drip, no one disgruntled customer fatal, necessarily, but human nature wonders if there’s fire when there’s so much smoke.

Many companies no longer have a marketing department, and cannot pull Sales in from the field to brainstorm what’s working.

Think of us as copywriters with 20+ years of business experience — in Marketing, in Sales, in Internet Marketing, in eBusiness.  We’ve put the words into practice, used them to generate relationships that generate sales. Not just writing copy for these users…using the copy to call on prospects, executing marketing programs, hitting the numbers.

Insist on more value today. Let us help you craft the most impactful message and put it in the most useful places.

bridgeThe future looks uncertain and the tried-and-true path doesn’t seem to go where you need to go anymore.

There’s a new word for brand challenges, sales challenges, marketing challenges, support communications challenges — it’s called survival.



* tip of the hat to AC, who coined this term first at her blog.


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Just what IS your story now? Anything different from the last time you developed your “essential materials,” (content)? Customers behaving any differently? Your points of competitive strength evolved any? Has the marketplace gotten any simpler?

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