Content Funnel

Sales is not the only “funnel” in business.  The decisions that govern what copy makes it into the final pieces that B2B companies display to their audiences also lie along a funnel.  Some issues are governed from the overall new_funnel_gray22corporate strategy, other pieces primarily informed by product/service strategy.  In messaging studies to determine the core attributes of the brand promise, an assessment is made up and down the funnel to identify concepts, images, personality elements that are most relevant and impactful to target audiences.  Our customers define this funnel as you see it here.

B2B companies are among the worst at reinforcing their value throughout all their touch-points with customers.  Every bit of content seems created as a stand-alone, with little conscious effort to echo key phrases, concepts, strategic hooks that unify their core messages.  And we’re not even talking about thought leadership yet, which is another “greenfield” opportunity for a lot of B2B companies.

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