Content? What is “Content?”

January 8, 2010

We know, we hate the term too. Somehow any term that can apply to everything from Shakespeare to the latest tweet seems wrong.  But it has emerged as a useful term nonetheless.

Content is where the story lives…where the ideas  are showcased.  It’s what makes your solution different, useful, relevant.   It used to be print, and live face-to-face venues, like trade shows and sales calls.  Now a lot of it is electronic, online, interactive.  Businesses tell their story in many ways to many audiences — prospects, customers, employees, partners, regulators, the media, shareholders and dozens of distinct communities within each category.

Content used to be the artifacts (sales support sheets, website copy, starter kits, press releases, media support, investor briefings, trade show take-aways)  you produced to support your products,  your services, your company’s brand.  It is much much more now.  Conceived, created, and deployed properly, these very items can be the ways you gain the attention of prospects, engage them, draw them toward your solution, and convert them to customers.  The intrusive methods of holding hostage what your customers really want until you deliver your pitch are fast dwindling; the principle of offering value in a helpful package, at the place and time where people are seeking solutions is still on the rise.

At its most basic, your content is the minimum information you need to make audiences aware of  to enable them to decide whether what you sell can help them or not.


At the root is the writing — clear, concise, impactful, with clear goals and specific actions you want the audience to take on what they learn.

Measurable, helpful, memorable. If the copy you serve up to your audiences somehow “doesn’t hang together” anymore, let’s fix it, edit it, recast it, coordinate it – starting where the need is the most intense. And working our way to all related areas.


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We know, we hate the term too. Somehow any term that includes everything from Shakespeare to the latest tweet seems wrong. But it has become a useful term nonetheless.

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