Think of it as a funnel

January 21, 2010

Content isn’t just empty, irrelevant material you have licensed from some general resource, it is the essence of the business you do.  Now, more than ever, the best content is related, from strategic to tactical and in between.  The ideas in this content really form a funnel, with each “level” nested within the larger ideas above it.  At every stage, the guiding principle is value, how to highlight it, how to make it relevant, how to make it accessible, how to give prospects a taste of it so they will know that yours is genuine and trustable and want more.  Not every component of your content has to repeat the corporate mission statement, but they should all show a strong family resemblance to other content your audience may have seen about you.  Conceptual consistency, not word tricks.  The path to achieving it is to have your copy created by communicators who have managed business functions, who have an instinct for words-that-persuade, words-that-motivate, words-that-(ultimately)-drive-numbers.


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